Big Bluff

A promoter and agent are having a war of words as to how Johnny Gill ended up headlining an Oct. 24 concert in Arkansas.

Pine Bluff’s Commercial newspaper originally ran a story of how fans who went to the Pine Bluff Convention Center to see Maze featuring Frankie Beverly got a different headliner in Gill. It was reported that the switch was decided just before the concert’s 7 p.m. start, which led to about 200 upset Maze fans asking for refunds.

Promoter Cedric Sterrett told the paper he didn’t know about the substitution until late that day and couldn’t comment on the situation until he talked with his lawyers.

However, the agent for both Maze and Gill, Ground Support Entertainment’s Jerome Derrickson, told Pollstar it wasn’t that unusual a story. The promoter didn’t cover the necessary funds for Maze and, starting Oct. 19, they negotiated for Gill instead.

Derrickson faxed Pollstar the paperwork showing the agreement was made for Gill to accept the show for a total of $32,500, on Oct. 22. And Sterrett, who told the Commercial he wasn’t informed of the change until late Oct. 23, had agreed to the change – not “informed” of it – a day prior.

The $8,000 binder was applied to the new contract, Derrickson said, and Sterrett allegedly wrote a $22,000 check that bounced (the $2,000 remainder was to be given to Gill day of show). Derrickson said he is taking legal action.