Pete Doherty’s Heart Stopping Moment

Babyshambles lead singer, super model aficionado and unofficial anti-drug poster boy says his heart stopped while he was on life support in a hospital.

Doherty was hospitalized last month, causing him to cancel shows in Belfast, Dublin and Galway.

Photo: AP Photo
Arriving for the NME awards at the Brixton Academy, in south London last winter.

In an interview with NME scheduled to publish tomorrow, Doherty said the official reason for him entering Swindon’s Great Western Hospital last month was “exhaustion,” but the real reason was much more dramatic.

“If I hadn’t been on a life support machine I’d have been in Ireland,” Doherty said. “But my heart stopped.”

Considering Doherty’s past and much publicized drug use, as well as his tabloid sensationalistic former relationship with model Kate Moss, we wouldn’t blame you if you immediately thought drug abuse caused Doherty’s heart problems. We all remember that photo The Daily Mirror published in 2005 allegedly showing Moss snorting several lines of cocaine during a Babyshambles recording session.

But Doherty, who says he has a medical implant designed to counter the effects of heroin and cocaine, told NME drugs did not cause his recent cardio problems.

“Their [doctors’] immediate thought was that it was to do with drugs, but it wasn’t,” Doherty said. “What happened? Well, I don’t know. I don’t remember. I was running into the walls, making steering wheel signs with my hands. And then I just… stopped. My body just stopped.”

Photo: AP Photo / Keystone
Neuchatel Open Air Festival, Switzerland

Doherty will tour the U.K. with Babyshambles in December. That is, as long as his heart doesn’t stop again.

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