Holiday Fun: Turkeys, Thanksgiving & Concerts

Are you really thankful you attended a particular concert this year? A performance by an artist or band that you never really liked, but seeing them live onstage turned you into a fan?

Photo: AP Photo
Soldier Field, Chicago, Ill.

Along with that sentiment, was there a concert in 2009 that you looked forward to attending, but the anticipated event just didn’t match your expectations?

We’re looking for both ends of the scale on this day-before-Thanksgiving. Your own personal list of concert turkeys and shows to be thankful for. Just leave your thoughts in the comment thread below.

Photo: AP Photo
Estadio Olímpico, Barcelona, Spain

Photo: Owen Sweeney / Owen
DAR Constitution Hall, Washington, D.C.

Oh, and please don’t drip any cranberry sauce. That stuff is soooo hard to scrape off the servers.