Honesty The Best Policy

The promoter of a failed festival in Charlestown, R.I., recently got a pass when local officials decided to reward him for being forthright and honest about a concert flop.

The three-day Calling Planet Earth music festival that took place in the town’s Ninigret Park in September drew so few people that the event wrapped up early, according to the local Westerly Sun.

Promoter Paul Silva attributed the mess to improper advertising of the family-oriented music and environmental fest, the paper said, claiming he was thousands of dollars in debt.

However, he also reportedly insisted during an apology to town councilors that he planned to make good on the $7,500 fee for the use of the park during the event.

“He said, ‘I’ll pay whatever I owe,’” Charlestown administrator William DiLibero told the paper. “He was not trying to get out of it.”

And as good deeds shine in a weary world, councilors discussed their admiration for Silva’s candid nature and determination to settle his debts, the paper reported. As the concert was the first the promoter had thrown in the park and officials determined the town hadn’t lost any money on the venture, the council moved to wipe the fee so that Silva could make another attempt.

“I see this somewhat as an investment,” councilor Candace Dunn told the Sun.