Where to begin. Pollstar actually has two editorial teams. One is for the public and the other one is for the business people who linger backstage. This writer happens to type up stuff about the latter. But on the days before the holidays, we “business” types get a chance to slide over to the dark side and chat with the teeming millions of you Pollstar.com readers. Hey, it’s either look busy or get blocked from Facebook.

Another thing we need to apologize for is the massive number of artists we keep track of over here. When one is updating information on 10,000 active artists worldwide, one tends to miss – or dismiss – a lot of the music. Names just fly past. That one dude named Max Roach who called in to update his information years ago? Who knew!

And we actually don’t listen to a lot of music here, because it’s kind of busy.

So please forgive this sad, sad man for never listening to Raphael Saadiq before yesterday. Oh, and add to that the half-dozen coworkers who then heard this artist for the first time.

Even more shameful, anyone who was in Tony! Toni! Tone! should have been on my iPod years ago. Thank you for allowing this public confession. The guilt is shedding away.

But if there are others out there like this writer, better put on a snorkel because you’re about to get drowned in awesomeness.  Just click here

Even his backup singer, Erika Jerry, rules

By the way, no, we don’t get to go to festivals in Fresno, Calif. They look like fun on YouTube, though.

In all fairness, Saadiq’s name came up in a conversation with a promoter in the context of “artists who should be bigger.” And, also in fairness, the conversation included the Pollstar guy noting it’s time for Ryan Shaw’s breakout moment. Ellen is doing her part, at least.

Did that cleanse your palate of Glambert? Now go have a happy Thanksgiving, even if it’s not the middle of summer, like it was originally.

This isn’t a podium and I ain’t a preacher. Being a public forum, maybe you can add some names to this list. After humiliating me, I’m sure.