Odds & Ends: Joel, Beyoncé And A Stolen Dinosaur

Alexa Ray Joel recovering from weekend pill episode, Beyoncé talking Vegas residency and the case of the purloined dinosaur.

Photo: AP Photo
NBC’s "Today", New York, N.Y.

Beyoncé Headed To Vegas?

Is there a Las Vegas residency in Beyoncé’s future? Published reports claim the singer is talking with Wynn Las Vegas about an extended booking in gambling town.

In fact, some media outlets have claimed it’s already a done deal, but a Wynn Resorts spokeswoman says there’s no signed contract.

Beyoncé performed at the resort this past summer while filming a concert DVD, and her presence helped boost customer traffic during what is usually considered the slow season in Vegas.

Alexa Ray Joel Is Feeling Better

No one’s calling it an intentional pill overdose, nor is anyone saying it was an accident. Nevertheless, Alexa Ray Joel is out of the hospital and feeling better after spending two days at a New York City hospital.

The 23-year-old singer/songwriter daughter of Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley was rushed to the hospital Saturday after police received a 911 call saying she had swallowed several pills. Police still aren’t certain whether Joel accidentally overdosed or attempted suicide.

According to spokeswoman Claire Mercuri, Joel is with her family and thanks “everyone for their outpouring of love and support.”

Photo: AP / Hard Rock Cafe
Performing at the Hard Rock Cafe in Chicago.

The Case Of The Purloined Dinosaur

Is there a remote-controlled dinosaur wandering through your neighborhood? If so, the folks at Walking With Dinosaurs would like to hear from you.

The special effects laden show performed in Guadalajara Dec. 4 and noticed its dino missing after the performance had ended, according to the BBC.

“Only in Mexico! How it happened we don’t know,” show spokesman Karla Arroyo said.

We’re not sure what the “Only in Mexico” part of her comment referred to – that robot dinosaurs are often stolen in Mexico or that the country is something akin to the Bermuda Triangle and loses mechanized monsters on a regular basis.

The stolen robot, which stands about 1.5 meters tall, is the least expensive of the show. Estimated value of the mechanized beast is approximately $91,000.

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