Axl Rose Says He Never Released A Statement About LAX Scuffle

Last Thursday evening a statement was posted on Guns N’ Roses’ MySpace page, confirming that a bit of a brawl took place Dec. 9 between frontman Axl Rose and a group of paparazzi at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The singer is now denying he authorized any such statement. posted a video showing Rose walking through the airport towards the security checkpoint and then warning a group of paparazzi, “Touch her again, I’ll break that guy’s f***ing neck.”

He then wanders over to a group of paparazzi and punches one of the photographers in the head. The paparazzo falls to the ground, as does Rose’s hat. Rose’s entourage drags the singer away from the situation, stopping to pick up his hat.

Photo: Erik Ward /
Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal CityWalk, Universal City, Calif.

Although a statement was posted on Guns N’ Roses’ MySpace blog Dec. 10 reporting that Rose “was unhurt last evening when he was accosted by an unruly group of paparazzi,” the singer has taken to the same blog to deny having anything to do with the initial statement.

“I did not release any statement or authorize either any statement or anyone to release a statement regarding anything at any airport anywhere,” Rose said, according to the blog post. “[In my opinion] this nonsense may be some type of manufactured or publicity stunt.”

The singer then gives the press a special shout out:

“And to any publications running this; please feel free to tack on whatever negative agenda supporting nonsense you generally do (You know who you are!!).  After all it’s only someone else’s livelihood you media police state, no fun, spoil sport, communist bastards. Peace!!”

Such a strange situation – if fans aren’t supposed to believe Dec. 10’s MySpace blog post regarding the paparazzi scuffle, how are they supposed to believe that the Dec. 13 blog post on the same website is legit?

The Dec. 10 post, which was online as of this afternoon, has since been taken down.

Last Friday Guns N’ Roses performed at Taipei County Stadium in Taipei, Taiwan, marking the band’s first gig in more than two years.

The band is set to play Osaka, Japan, Dec. 16 followed by a show in Tokyo Dec. 19. On Jan. 10 the band kicks off its Canadian tour, playing MTS Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with dates on the books through a Feb. 4 show at Halifax Metro Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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