Swift’s new beau, Taylor Lautner, was in New York City hosting “Saturday Night Live” the night before her birthday, but the singer spent Saturday at her parent’s house in Hendersonville, Tenn., according to People magazine.

And instead of raising the roof, she was baking cookies (butter and gingerbread) for a Christmas-themed bash attended by her family and friends, as well as her band and crew, on Sunday.

With all the success the singer has enjoyed, plus the truckload of awards she’s picked up this year alone (not to mention landing “Twilight” hottie Lautner), there are probably more than a few people out there who wouldn’t mind seeing some bad luck come her way.

But then Swift goes and does something totally classy and selfless, like donating $250,000 to schools across the country, and makes it impossible to not like her. And she’s humble about it to boot.

“Something I wanted to do at the end of this amazing year and especially on my birthday was give back to something I really believe in, which is education,” the singer explained. “The schools that I went to and the amazing people I got to learn from really turned me into who I am, and I wanted to give back.”

(Awww. I think I just felt my old Grinch heart grow three sizes.)

Schools that will benefit from Swift’s generous donation – which will pay teachers’ salaries, buy books and fund educational programs – include those she’s worked with over the years as well as a few she’s attended.