Ticketmaster Does It With Pictures

The ticketing service launches a new feature giving customers the big picture instead of just row and seat numbers.

Ticketmaster calls the new feature “Interactive Seat Maps” and the moniker pretty much describes the functionality. Users have the ability to mouse over sections, pick seats in relation to specific locations and even set price ranges, quantities and special offerings.

For example, by using the new seating maps, customers can see how close their seats are to the floor, the stage, exits, concessions or event rest rooms. Plus users can pick seats locations in relation to other seats, a handy feature for when a highly in-demand event means friends may have to settle for seats scattered through the venue.

The ticketing service has even prepared a video to show how it’s done. Click here to see it.

But don’t expect such interactivity to be available for every event Ticketmaster is hawking. Currently in beta, the company’s Interactive Seat Maps are available for sports teams San Antonio Spurs, Edmonton Oilers, Sacramento Kings, Phoenix Suns, Orlando Magic, Marquette University Basketball at Bradley Center, Rochester Americans and Iowa State Cyclones.

The new feature is also available for select events at Nokia Theatre at Grand Prairie in Texas and the Heymann Performing Arts Center in Lafayette, La, as well as other venues.

“This is a major step in improving the fan experience of buying a ticket online,” said Ticketmaster Senior VP of product and digital, Kip Levin.

“Ticket buyers can now choose from all available seats and hbighlight seats by the price range they want to spend or by the type of specials and packages being offered by the artist, team or show. They can also pick seats from the exact location they prefer, pick groups of seats that aren’t all in the same row, or buy single tickets that might be separated only by an aisle or row – all options that have not been available until now.”