Weezer Bus Crash Update – Rivers Released From The Hospital

After suffering three cracked ribs and internal injuries from a Dec. 6 tour bus crash, Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo was released from the hospital and then returned to the last place you’d think he like to see – the inside of a tour bus. The singer spent the past weekend on a 48-hour bus ride from Albany, N.Y. to Los Angeles.

Weezer blog Karl’s Corner explains why Cuomo took a road trip home to L.A. rather than hopping on a plane:

“Well, one of the strict doctors orders is that Rivers cannot get on an airplane for a month, as the air pressure changes would be bad for his healing punctured lung. So there’s only one other quick way to get him home to L.A., and that’s a tour bus.”

Photo: Owen Sweeney
Virgin Mobile Freefest, Columbia, Md.

Weezer’s tour bus crashed Dec.6 on I-90 in Glen, New York, after hitting a patch of black ice. The bus fishtailed over the highway, and then went off the road, flattening a guardrail and plunging 8-10 feet into a muddy ravine before coming to an abrupt stop.

Cuomo’s assistant, Sarah Kim, suffered two fractured ribs and a fractured lower vertebrae. The bus’ other passengers, Cuomo’s wife, 2-year-old daughter and their nanny, were not injured.

In addition to three cracked ribs, Cuomo’s injuries included a small cut on his spleen and a small puncture in his lung. After the crash he couldn’t move his right leg but it now appears the singer injured his leg during stage antics with a beach ball at Weezer’s Dec. 5 Toronto show.

Cuomo checked out from the hospital Friday morning and then boarded a tour bus for the cross-country trip home. Karl’s Corner blog author and band pal Karl Koch explained that he rode along with the singer and that two drivers were trading off driving and sleeping so they could make it to L.A. in 48 hours without stopping.

Koch penned another post Saturday, reporting in to tell fans that time on the road was passing by quickly with “a healthy schedule full of knitting, Mad Men DVDs, meditation, medication, naps, Amy’s Organic frozen entrees [and] ice cream sandwiches.”

Cuomo and Koch also did some reading, wrote emails and did some “planning, researching and etc – sowing the seeds of Rivers’ and Weezer’s next musical explorations.”

It’s possible that Weezer’s upcoming musical explorations may not include the band’s January shows. Koch explained that “while nothing has been made official yet, it looks like most of the January Weezer shows will also have to be rescheduled to give Rivers the full time the docs say he shouldn’t be jumping around. We’ll have the info on Weezer.com asap!”

Weezer’s next show on the books is Jan. 9’s gig at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco followed by Bren Events Center in Irvine, Calif. (Jan. 11), RIMAC Arena in La Jolla, Calif. (Jan. 13), Dodge Theatre in Phoenix, Ariz. (Jan. 15) and Fillmore Auditorium in Denver (Jan. 17).

The crash forced Weezer to cancel its remaining December dates, which would have taken place Dec. 7 in Boston, Dec. 9 in Fairfax, Va., and Dec. 10 in Camden, N.J.

Click here for Karl’s Corner blog on Weezer’s website.