According to the lawsuit filed in Rogers County District Court, Brooks is demanding the Integris Canadian Valley Regional Hospital in Yukon, Okla., give back the $500,000 donation the singer made two years ago. In the suit Brooks claims hospital official showed him mock-ups of buildings bearing his mother’s name – Colleen Brooks, who died in 1999.

Brooks also alleges the hospital confirmed last year that the donation would be used in the way it was “earmarked,” according to Associated Press.

According to The Oklahoman newspaper, the hospital contacted Brook’s father, Ray Brooks, about five years ago seeking a contribution. After several meetings during a two-year period with hospital officials, Garth contributed $500,000 with the understanding the medical center would name a building after his mother.

“Mr. Brooks has nothing to add to the petition,” wrote Brooks spokeswoman Nancy Seltzer in an e-mail to The Oklahoman. “This deals with his mother, the home town and the people he grew up with and is deeply personal.”

So far the hospital has not commented on the lawsuit. However, Yukon City Councilman John Tipps had plenty to say.

“Yukon has done a lot to help promote Garth Brooks over the years, and this is what he does to return the favor: sue our hospital over a misunderstanding,” Tipps told the Yukon Review newspaper. “Maybe Yukon should consider removing his name from the street signs and the water tower. This is very unfortunate for the hospital, city of Yukon and its citizens.”

Brooks’ Las Vegas residency began last week with a three-night stand at the Encore Theatre at Wynn Las Vegas and resumes Jan. 1.

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