Over the past few weeks, the singer has apparently been involved in several spirited discussions on her blog and on Twitter concerning the artistic merit of Gaga and her music.

Rather than take the time to address the issue in each of those forums, Palmer decided to express her thoughts on the matter with a song titled “gaga, palmer, madonna” and post it directly to YouTube.

In a hastily written and recorded performance lasting less than four minutes (at her poorly lit kitchen table, no less), Palmer, accompanying herself on ukulele, manages to put what she calls “the Lady Gaga question” in perspective, distill the entire “pop” vs. “art” argument into a few catchy and humorous lines and cut straight to the heart of what really motivates every performer who picks up a musical instrument or a microphone. The result is a hoot and nothing short of brilliant.

The best part of the whole thing though, may be the promise of more of the same that comes at the end of Palmer’s editorial ditty:

“This song took less time to write and record
and post straight on to YouTube than writing a blog,
I think it’s possible I may do more of these.
Please send your comments,
especially if you think I’m wrong”