ICP Refunds Stalled

Ticket-holders for a canceled Nov. 9 Insane Clown Posse concert at Kingston Event Center in Idaho Falls, Idaho, had yet to be reimbursed Dec. 17 because the promoter allegedly hadn’t supplied enough cash.

James Slavens of Red Tie Concerts originally announced that refunds would be distributed through CD World Dec. 1-15. However, store owner Katrina Larsen told KIDK-TV she’s had to turn away some very angry fans.

“We are having to tell them that the promoter has not given us the money, he has all the money, he is holding all the money, and until he brings us the money there is no money to refund,” Larsen said.

She added that Slavens sent his sister to CD World with a check Dec. 15 but it was too late to cash it. Larsen said she asked the woman to cash the check and bring back the money, but that didn’t happen, the station said.

Slavens responded via e-mail to KIDK-TV’s inquiry about the still-unpaid refunds, saying he intends to make good on his promise.
Ticket-holders were being asked to send their ducats by certified mail to Red Tie Concerts before Dec. 18. A refund check would then be issued within ten business days, the paper said.

Slavens reportedly canceled the ICP concert just days before the Nov. 9 date because of community leaders’ concerns about the group’s controversial message and influence.