T.I. Has Left The Big House

T.I. has been released from an Arkansas federal prison after serving nearly eight months of a year-and-a-day sentence for conviction of illegal gun possession.

The rapper’s legal problems began in October 2007 when he was arrested for attempting to buy unregistered machine guns and silencers. He pleaded guilty last year and in March was sentenced to a year plus a day in prison, and entered the federal facility in Arkansas in May.

Photo: AP Photo
T.I.leaves a press conference after being sentenced to one year and one day on federal weapons charges.

During the time between his guilty plea and sentencing, T.I. performed 1,000 hours of community service, including warning youths about drugs, gangs and violence, and cut 262 public service announcements to drive the point home.

On Tuesday T.I. was released from prison and sent to Atlanta where he’ll spend up to three months in a halfway house.

According to his lawyer, Steve Sadow, T.I. knew he had to pay for his crime and that he “did his very best to adjust to his circumstances.”