Austrian Bird Lovers Threaten AC/DC Concert

AC/DC is scheduled to play Wels, Austria, May 22, but local animal rights activists are promising to flip the Australian band the bird.

Specifically, the group is worried about one type of bird – the curlew, a rare bird whose nesting grounds is in the vicinity of Wels Airport, listed as “Flugplatz, on the band’s itinerary.

Photo: Chris McKay /
Philips Arena, Atlanta, Ga.

Saying it would cause a “disaster,” animal rights group non-governmental organization BirdLife is trying to convince concert promoters to reschedule the gig so it doesn’t conflict with the birds nesting season, according to the Austrian Times.

“The second-biggest colony of curlews in Upper Austria and various other ground-nesting birds must not become endangered by organisers’ plans,” Birdlife’s Hans Uhl said.

The group also criticized Wels mayor Peter Koits for not consulting with them before green-lighting the date.

Birdlife isn’t the only group protesting the date. The World Wildlife Fund and the Upper Austrian Nature Protection Union are also trying to persuade promoters to move the date.

Apparently animal rights groups are only concerned about the date of the performance and not the concert’s location, saying the show – which is expected to draw 80,000 fans – wouldn’t disturb the birds if postponed until mid-June or later.

Regardless of how this dispute is resolved, you gotta love the almost-ironic nature of the scheduled date – May 22.

It’s the International Day of Diversity of Species.

Click here for the complete article in the Austrian Times.