The long-awaited musical, which centers on a ’50s Mississippi family in fictional Lake Belle Reve and an old story about a trio of deaths, is expected to open at Atlanta’s Alliance Theater in September, according to pop culture blogger Larry Fire’s The Fire Wire.

“It is John Mellencamp’s musical style and it’s Stephen King’s gothic style, and I just thought it was too cool to pass up,” Alliance artistic director Susan V. Booth told the Atlanta Journal Constitution in early 2008.

Kristofferson will fill the shoes of the family head, with Cash as matriarch and Dailey, the Alvin brothers and Mellencamp as the couple’s sons.

Other cast members include Costello as The Shape, Crow as Jenna, Case as Anna, Frazier as a caretaker, “24” regular Glenn Morshower as the narrator and King as – what else? – Uncle Steve.

Mellencamp said the musical has a Southern, country feel, with zydeco influences and told Rolling Stone in 2008, “If it goes well in Atlanta, then we’ll come to Broadway. If it don’t go well in Atlanta, we’re done.”

Fans not lucky enough to make the trip to Atlanta for “Ghost Brothers” can still get in on the act by virtue of a special edition package produced by T-Bone Burnett that includes the show’s complete book, a cast recording of the entire production spanning two CDs and a CD with Mellencamp’s songs by themselves.