Odds & Ends: Susan Boyle and Joe Jackson’s Lawyer

Susan Boyle lands in Japan and the attorney representing Jackson Family patriarch Joe is put on probation.

Boylemania Hits Japan

Susan Boyle, the Scottish woman who wowed the world when she showed off her singing chops on U.K. talent competition “Britain’s Got Talent,” arrived in Japan Tuesday where she was greeted at the airport by a large group of photographers snapping her picture and asking her to sing a few bars.

Photo: AP Photo
Singing “I Dreamed A Dream” with the London West End cast of “Les Miserables.”

Boyle is appearing on Japan’s long-running music show – “Kohaku Uta Gassen” – which translates as “Red and White Song Battle.” This week the program, presented by the country’s public broadcaster NHK, will air live on New Year’s Eve.

However, Boyle declined photographers’ requests for a song, saying they’ll have to wait for the NHK show.

Of course, they can always eyeball the original “Britain’s Got Talent” clip on YouTube, which has received more than 120 million views since Boyle rose from obscurity.

Jackson’s Attorney On Probation

If you judge L.A. lawyers by the celebrities they represent, then attorney Brian Oxman still has a way to go before he winds up on anyone’s “A” List.

That’s because he’s Joe Jackson’s attorney, and even though his most recent appearance in headlines isn’t due to a Jackson matter, he’s apparently paired with the Jackson Family patriarch until he can hook up with a star whose celebritydom is shinier and loftier. In fact, every news media outlet reporting on Oxman’s latest legal issue has led with “Joe Jackson’s lawyer …”

Last week the California Supreme Court placed Oxman’s license to practice law on two years probation after he refused to drop a 2002 federal lawsuit and ignored an order to pay sanctions.

The Associated Press reports Oxman signed an agreement stating his actions caused the defendants in the case “significant harm” and wasted judicial resources.

As Joe Jackson’s attorney, Oxman has been arguing that his client should receive more than $15,000 a month from Michael Jackson’s estate. After all, it’s not easy being Joe.

Photo: AP Photo
Smiling for the camera.

Oxman’s probation is the second time the lawyer has been disciplined in 33 years of practice.