The Grammy Awards take place Jan. 31 in Los Angeles at the Staples Center – a day the recording industry has dubbed “Grammy Sunday.”

Music artists, label execs and industry players all have a part in deciding who wins one or more golden gramophones. But when it comes to deciding who is the most Grammy-worthy, we’re betting that users have a better grasp on reality than anyone in the music biz.

Are you ready? Let’s pick us some Grammys!

First up is Best Pop Vocal Album, where vocals make up 51 percent or more of a complete album.


Next is Best Dance Recording, which goes to solo, duo, group or collaborative performances either vocal or instrumental. This award is limited to singles or tracks, and nominees include producers and mixers as well as recording artists.


We’re also voting today on Best Electronic Dance Album which pretty much describes the category’s requirements – vocal or instrumental dance albums.


And we have one category more for your voting pleasure – Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album. Like Best Pop Vocal Album, vocals must make up at least 51 percent of the album’s playing time.


For those of you just joining in on all the fun, below are the Grammy categories already voted upon by users. We’ll post your picks to win Grammy gold on Jan. 29.

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