Alejandra Guzman’s Unexpected Round Trip

Alejandra Guzman was headed to a Pacific vacation. That is, until a fan’s alleged pestering turned into an argument with the Mexican rock singer, causing the pilot to return to Mexico City.

Guzman spokesman Jose Zepeda told reporters the unnamed fan made a “very pushy and reckless attempt” to photograph Guzman although the singer and an assistant asked her to respect the star’s privacy.

Photo: AP Photo
Alejandra Guzman shows the Los Angeles Coliseum that her boots are made for more than just walkin’ at Reventon Super Estrella on.

Guzman’s management company – Ocesa Sei Track – issued a statement saying “Guzman was not on drugs or drinking, as some media have erroneously mentioned.”

Guzman, known as the “Queen of Rock” in Hispanic music, had finished a show at 5 a.m. and just wanted to rest on the flight, according to her managers.

Alejandra Guzman’s assistant asked the passenger repeatedly and in a friendly way to respect the singer’s privacy on the flight,” the managers told the press. “The passenger ignored that.”

Guzman was in the news last October when she was hospitalized for an infection resulting from cosmetic injections in her buttocks. At that time she said the injections were to make her “more beautiful.”