No Stones In 2010

The message was short, sweet and to the point. Despite rumors claiming The Rolling Stones would tour in 2010, the band’s publicist says it just isn’t going to happen.

From public relations company Rogers & Cowan:

“Following recent UK media speculation, The Rolling Stones would like to make it clear, there are no plans at the moment for the band to tour in 2010.”

Tour rumors are a frequent topic in London tabloids. During the past few years the same media outlets have claimed The Kinks, Pink Floyd and even Led Zeppelin were planning to hit the reunion trail to rock fans once more. Of course, Zeppelin fanned those flames with the one-off performance at London’s O2 in 2007 even though the band stated it had no plans to take the show on the road.

Photo: AP Photo

So you can cross the Stones off the list of bands that might tour in 2010. We’ll miss them, of course. But there’s always hope that another legendary band, maybe The Kinks, Pink Floyd or Zeppelin might tour, but we’re not holding our collective breaths nor are we suggesting something may happen.

After all, we don’t want to start any rumors.