Lange’s mother discovered him bloodied Saturday morning when she arrived at his Hoboken, N.J., apartment to deliver some food, according to the New York Post.

According to various sources, including one close to the often troubled comedian’s management team, he narrowly survived the incident because only three of the wounds were “deep plunges.” The remaining six cuts were described as “hesitation wounds.”

Despite heavy bleeding, surgeons were able to save the 42-year-old funnyman, the Post reports.

Lange had been absent from his chair in Howard Stern’s studio, where he serves as second banana on Sirius XM Radio’s “The Howard Stern Show,” for several weeks before the incident and canceled all of his upcoming live appearances in early December.

Following reports of the comedian’s hospitalization earlier this week, Stern denied rumors that he was replacing the former “MadTV” star with Jim Breuer. However during a segment on yesterday’s show, he admitted, “I’m not sure Artie hasn’t left the show. We don’t know where he is.”