Lil’ Wayne Sentencing Postponed

The stage was set for Lil’ Wayne’s sentencing on criminal possession of firearms today. The judge was waiting, the press was ready and the rapper was looking at possibly beginning his jail sentence as soon as today. But fate in the form of needed dental work intervened.

Now Wayne is scheduled to be sentenced on March 2. And if you think there’ll be another postponement, well, think again.  Justice Charles Solomon said the sentencing wouldn’t be put off any further.

Photo: AP Photo
Exiting Manhattan criminal court.

Lil’ Wayne pleaded guilty in October to a charge of attempted possession of an automatic weapon, and admitted he illegally had a .40-caliber semiautomatic on his tour bus in July 2007. If you’ve been following media reports today, you already know he was ready to begin his sentence – up to a year in jail – as soon as court proceedings concluded.

But it wasn’t meant to happen. This afternoon, defense attorney Stacey Richman said the rapper needed to travel to his Miami hometown for dental work Friday.

“It is a medical situation that, like (it would for) any one of us, has to be addressed,” Richman said outside court, adding Lil’ Wayne tried to take care of his dental needs before today, but his dentist had been out of the country.

Although Lil’ Wayne’s sentencing was postponed, Richman said her client is still ready to face the time for doing the crime.

“He’s a strong man,” Richman said.