A Swift Greeting Card Collection

You know those moments when you just can’t find the right words to express your feelings? Thankfully, four-time Grammy winner Taylor Swift is there for you.

The country star has hooked up with American Greetings Corporation for her own line of greeting cards. The “Taylor Swift Collection” features Swift’s words and includes gift packaging, stationery, online greetings and online photo personalization.

Photo: American Greetings Corporation

The first 12 cards in the series are being introduced in stores with a display marked, “Hi, I’m Taylor and these are my cards.”

As an additional bonus, you can also purchase Swift’s official “Fearless” concert tour book when you go shopping for your next round of greeting cards.

Although the deal was announced last November, this week’s announcement hardly represents the best of public relations timing.

The announcement comes one week after Swift received less-than-awesome reviews for her somewhat off-key Grammy performance with Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks, resulting in accusations that the country star has reached a level of overexposure that’s rarely reached even in the music biz.

The criticisms became so intense that Swift’s record label boss, Scott Borchetta, issued a statement defending his ace recording star.

“The critics are missing the bigger picture,” Borchetta wrote. “This is what always happens and is the unfortunate part of the American dream, that we build these people up to watch the critics tear them down. “Well, you better have more than what you’ve got now if you think you’re going to get in the ring and fight with us. So, get in the ring.”

Photo: AP Photo

Hmmm… Sounds like Borchetta and critics aren’t the best of friends. Maybe they could smooth things over with a greeting card or two. If so, we know of a new series that might help. Just click here for more info.

For more about last week’s criticism regarding Swift’s Grammy appearance, click here for the Pollstar.com posting, “Taylor Suffers ‘Swift-lash.’”