Tower Has Pizza Power

If there’s anything to learn about politics and concerts, it’s that getting elected to your city’s council doesn’t mean you can just help yourself to whatever strikes your fancy, like backstage passes, souvenirs or even a bite to eat. Just ask Tower Of Power.

The band was performing in Albuquerque at the city’s annual Hispano Chamber of Commerce Gala last weekend when local councilman Don Harris and his son reportedly went backstage uninvited and walked away with a set of drumsticks and a slice of pizza.

Evidently that didn’t sit too well with Tower Of Power drummer David Garibaldi. He sent Harris an e-mail and copied the message to every city council member saying he was outraged over the politician’s lifting of the drumsticks and disgusted by his behavior, according to local ABC TV affiliate KOAT.

“I hope we don’t meet again and you’re not welcome at our shows,” Garibaldi wrote.

In his defense, Harris told KOAT that he told Garibaldi several times that he could have the drumsticks, saying he sent the drummer an apology and mailed the drumsticks back. He also said he and his son were only backstage for a few minutes.

But despite local news coverage, there have been no reports quoting Harris explaining why he thought the sticks were there for his taking in the first place. But then, he probably wants to put this episode behind him. After all, any further coverage might result in Garibaldi coming after him for that pizza.