Love and company were scheduled to play a comeback show at Proud Galleries in the city’s Camden section on Friday night, according to Rolling Stone.

The crowd of nearly 1,000 assembled fans was kept waiting in suspense until 12:40 a.m., when one of the show’s promoters – who also happens to be an old friend of the singer – took the stage and informed them she and her entourage were stuck where they were because of a “squat riot.”

The riot in question was actually the result of too many people showing up for a “youth against the banks” Facebook party at a mansion near the place Love is staying. According to The Guardian, the party “was broken up by officers in riot gear … after revellers pelted police with bricks and bottles.”

Around 1:00 a.m., the singer’s publicist informed a documentary film crew at Proud Galleries that Love wasn’t going to be able to make it to the gig because of the commotion, and shared a text message to that effect sent by someone who was with the singer.

Love personally verified the cause of the cancellation to disappointed fans, tweeting, “There was, as you’ll read tomorrow in the London papers, a massive riot tonight outside my house, the cops wouldn’t let me leave.”

The singer and Hole are scheduled to give their official comeback performance Feb. 17 at London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire. Let’s hope there are no unruly parties in the neighborhood that night.