Chris Brown’s Latest Court Appearance

Chris Brown made another court appearance yesterday, checking in with the judge about his probation resulting from beating up Rihanna one year ago.

Brown’s self-inflicted troubles began just hours before last year’s Grammy Awards when an argument with his then-girlfriend Rihanna turned violent. Brown eventually pled guilty to felony assault and was sentenced to five years probation and six months community labor.

Photo: AP Photo
Leaving Los Angeles Superior Court after his latest appearance before the judge. 

So it was back-to-court time as Brown updated the judge as to how his probation has been going. Apparently, the judge was impressed.

“It looks like you’re doing really, really well,” Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Patricia M. Schnegg said, noting the singer had attended all of his domestic violence counseling sessions and completed 32 days of community labor in his home state of Virginia. “That’s always good to see.”

The judge also gave Brown permission to leave the country for May and June concert appearances. At this time no dates have been officially announced.

Brown spoke only once during yesterday’s proceedings, saying “thank you” to the judge for her comments. Brown is due back in court for another probation update May 11.