Sublime split after 10 years following singer-guitarist Brad Nowell’s May 1996 death from a heroin overdose. Wilson and Gaugh formed the now defunct Long Beach Dub All Stars and Wilson then joined Long Beach Short Bus.

Back in February 2009 music blogs picked up on the fact that Gaugh and Wilson had performed at a Mexican restaurant in Reno, Nev., with Rome. A MySpace blog post from Gaugh’s band Del Mar noted the show “was Sublime reuniting … with [a] new singer.”

After performing at October’s Cypress Hill’s Smokeout Festival, a judge ordered the group to stop billing themselves as Sublime without approval from Nowell’s estate. Nowell’s estate was granted a preliminary injunction and the Los Angeles Times noted that the ruling will be upheld until a breach-of-contract / trademark infringement suit gets underway.

Sublime with Rome’s spring tour features a six-date trek of intimate theatres.

The tour kicks off April 20 at The Palladium in Los Angeles and wraps up May 5 at Electric Factory in Philadelphia.

Additional shows include the Fox Theatre in Oakland, Calif. (April 23), The Fillmore in Denver (April 26), The Riviera Theatre in Chicago (April 28) and Roseland Ballroom in New York (May 1).

The Dirty Heads will open all dates.

“To go back out on the road and play this music again is a gift. We want to celebrate the music and share our experience for not only our fans, but also for ourselves. It’s been 14 years and is long overdue,” Gaugh said.

“The tour will be full of surprises,” he added. “Sublime has never used a set list. We will be performing songs off every album and will mix it up from show to show, never delivering the same set twice. We’ve also been working on some new material and have put together a couple of songs with Rome. We’re excited to introduce them, and Rome, to all of our fans.”

Ticket go on sale March 2.

Click here for Sublime With Rome’s website for more information.