Friday Fun: Rating Concert Year 2010 (So Far)

What’s the best concert you’ve see so far this year? Which shows are already on your musical radar? Which bands and artists are you hoping, wishing and praying will tour in 2010?

Photo: AP Photo
New Dallas Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, TX

These are just a few of the questions that come to mind as we ask you to give us your perspective on the concert year so far. Are your favorites touring? Will you hit the festivals, perhaps travel to Vegas for one of those special artist residencies, à la Santana, Garth Brooks or Barry Manilow? Is money no problem, or will you have to ration your concert dollars this year?

Photo: AP Photo
Brit Awards 2010, Earls Court, London, UK

Sure, it’s early. We’re only two months into concert year 2010, but we’re betting you already have a handle on who you’ll see, where you’ll go and how much you’ll spend. Just add your thoughts to the comment thread below.