The bust went down at a house in the New Orleans area that Juvenile, whose real name is Terius Gray, uses as a recording studio.

What’s really interesting is what led to the bust, according to New Orleans media reports. Apparently, police were notified after neighbors began noticing the flagrant aroma of cannabis wafting out of the building sometime in the afternoon. When your neighbors notice the smell, it’s probably an indication that someone may want to cut back on their toking habits. That or write it up as a screenplay for the next Cheech & Chong movie.

Local TV station WDSU notes that when Juvenile’s producer, Leroy Edwards, answered the door when police came a’knocking, a cloud of reefer smoke rushed out the door.

Police then searched Edwards and found some marijuana, which led to officers obtaining a search warrant for the premises. The subsequent search resulted in the discovery of more pot in the building’s kitchen, which the rapper claimed was his own.

Juvenile and Edwards were taken to jail, booked on marijuana possession, and both were released just before midnight, according to MTV.

This isn’t the first time Juvenile has been arrested on marijuana charges. The rapper was busted for possession in 2008 during a traffic stop in Mississippi.

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