Of course, we’re being blowhards, but we just got a call from Paradigm, the powerhouse booking agency that includes acts from Aerosmith to Dave Matthews Band to Ricky Skaggs. About 20 minutes ago, Brian Hill and Curt Motley from the Nashville office signed the band. Saw yesterday’s post here at Pollstar.com and got a kick out of it!

We should note, too, that Brian Hill just won Pollstar’s Third Coast Agent of the Year award. As he told us, “Expect Rock Sugar world domination.”

The next step is an interview with the singer, which is scheduled for Friday. Jess Harnell, known for his voiceover work, is a vocal star of “Animaniacs” (Wakko Warner). He’s also the voice of Br’er Rabbit on Disneyland’s Splash Mountain ride.

According to a spokeswoman, they’re not on iTunes yet because they have to pay royalties on 34 songs and they’re navigating the digital concerns.

If none of this made sense to you, click here for yesterday’s Rock Sugar post.