Lil’ Wayne Sentencing Postponed (Again)

Lil’ Wayne’s last few hours of freedom got a little longer today as the rapper’s sentencing for attempted criminal possession of a weapon was postponed yet again, this time because of a fire in the courthouse.

Photo: AP Photo
New Orleans Arena, New Orleans, La.

Media reports suggest the fire might have started in a wooden contractor’s shed located in the basement of the Lower Manhattan courthouse. More than 1,000 people were forced to evacuate the building as smoke spread throughout the structure, and several surrounding blocks were shut down for more than an hour.

According to defense attorney Stacey Richman, Lil’ Wayne was en route to the courthouse when the fire broke out.

Lil’ Wayne’s gun problem began in July 2007 when NYPD officers stopped his tour bus and discovered the firearm on board. The Grammy Award-winning artist admitted having the gun, leading to last October’s guilty plea.

Today was the second sentencing postponement for Lil’ Wayne. He was supposed to be sentenced in early February, but much-needed dental work caused the sentencing to be postponed until today. That is, until the fire intervened.

Photo: AP Photo
Exiting Manhattan criminal court.

But no matter when Lil’ Wayne is sentenced, the outcome is expected to be a one-year stay in the New York City jail system. Oh, well, you know what they say – third time’s the charm.