Kristin Scharrer’s lawsuit accuses the performer of battery, outrageous conduct and false imprisonment. She is seeking more than $100,000 in damages, according to the Aspen Times.

“Several times during the show, Psycho Les singled out Scharrer and invited Scharrer to come up onstage; Scharrer declined these invitations,” the lawsuit claims. “At one point later in the performance, which was probably after midnight, Psycho Les grabbed Scharrer’s arm and forcefully attempted to pull Scharrer up onto the stage.”

Scharrer fell and hit her leg on the sharp front edge of the stage and reportedly sustained possible nerve damage and a permanent scar. The suit says the incident was recorded on the club’s surveillance system, the Times said.

The lawsuit also accuses Belly Up staff of inadequate security and negligence for not cutting off Psycho Les at the bar.

“Belly Up knew that Psycho Les had become visibly intoxicated during the Beatnuts’ performance on the night in question,” the lawsuit claims. “Belly Up staff and management knowingly and willfully continued to allow Psycho Les to consume alcohol on the stage during the show despite his condition of being then visibly intoxicated,” according to the Times.

Venue owner Michael Goldberg could not be reached at press time.

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