Park quit the group in September after messages he wrote on his MySpace page in 2005-07, when he was a trainee for the group, surfaced in which he complained about Korea and Korean pop music. The comments enraged some fans but others chalked it up to youthful passion and quickly forgave him.

In any event, Park’s return to the group was apparently being negotiated before the new year started. But in January those plans fell through and Park was officially thrown out of 2PM with the assent of the other members.

2PM, the group’s management agency JYP Entertainment and representatives of various 2PM fan clubs met in Seoul Feb. 27, where they discussed the particulars of the termination.

JYP said that Park admitted to a JYP representative in December of having done something during a 2PM promotion tour “that was even worse” than his MySpace faux pas. When the rest of the group was informed of this “wrongdoing,” as the official press release put it, they agreed to not let him back in the group.

The nature of the wrongdoing has not been revealed. The group has said it will continue with its six members and will not try to replace Park.