Wyclef Jean, His Wife, His Manager & The Nude Photo

Hey, kids! Let this be a lesson to you. If and when you become a famous music artist, don’t keep a nude photo of your manager on your cell phone. Just ask Wyclef Jean.

The New York Daily News reports that Jean’s wife Claudinette got all bent out of shape after discovering her husband had a photograph on his cell phone of his former manager, Lisa Ellis, wearing nothing but a smile.

Photo: AP Photo
In this photo released by PictureGroup, Wyclef Jean performs during the SOS Saving Ourselves – Help for Haiti in Miami.

“Claudinette flew into a jealous rage,” the Daily News quotes an “insider” as saying. “She jumped to the conclusion that something may be up between Wyclef and Lisa. She told Lisa to stay away from her husband. To embarrass Lisa, she also e-mailed the nude picture to a number of people in the music business.”

However, that’s just one side of the story. Ellis, who reportedly resigned as Jean’s manager just a few weeks ago, claims there was nothing between her and her former client.

“Photographer Mark Baptiste took a portrait of me in December 2008 for an art book,” Ellis said, according to the Daily News. “It was tastefully done. Someone leaked the photo. I don’t know who did it, but the photo had nothing to do with my resignation as Wyclef Jean’s manager.”

Jean’s press agent also chimed in on the nekkid picture controversy, if only to say “no comment.”

“Wyclef is spending all his time inspiring others to rebuild Haiti. We’re not commenting on any of these rumors,” Ken Sunshine said.

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