The show, which includes music from composer John Williams’ scores for all six “Star Wars” movies and features a live orchestra, choir and narration, is currently thrilling audiences across the pond, with stops in the U.K., France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium and Germany.

The tour returns to North American shores May 13 at Germain Arena near Fort Myers, Fla., for the first leg of a massive 50-city run that focuses primarily on the South, stopping in Tennessee, Louisiana, Kansas, Texas, Arizona, California, Nevada, Ontario and Nevada.

Additional dates will be announced in the coming weeks.

If you’re like most people and have seen all six “Star Wars” movies a gazillion times, don’t think for a moment you’ve already seen Star Wars: In Concert. Lucas and Williams have worked with the show’s producers to create a completely unique experience.

“We’ve taken the key themes from the music and cut together all the images that fit with each theme, so you can really get a sense of how the music played into the images,” Lucas explained. “The whole soundtrack is a testament to John Williams’ creativity and his extraordinary ability to enhance the emotional aspects of the films.”

Williams added, “Creating the music for the ‘Star Wars’ films has been an exciting and wonderful experience for me, and I therefore have derived particular pleasure in assembling a compendium of themes from all of the films to be presented in Star Wars: In Concert. The editors at Lucasfilm have created original film montages to accompany each of the musical selections, and in the process, I believe that a singular and unique ‘Star Wars’ experience has been born.”

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