Girlicious Member Busted For Coke

A member of Girlicious group was arrested after police found a substance thought to be cocaine in her Gucci purse.

Glendale, Calif., police say they arrested 21-year-old Natalie Mejia after finding more than a dozen bags of what is believed to be cocaine in her designer purse during a traffic stop.

According to police, Mejia was a passenger in a car driven by 28-year-old Peter Asencio, who was taking the performer to an airport Tuesday night when he was pulled over for speeding. A search of the car turned up the bags filled with white powder.

Mejia told officers the drugs did not belong to her nor did she know how they ended up in her purse, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Mejia and Asencio were arrested on suspicion of cocaine for sale or distribution. Mejia posted $30,000 bail Wednesday afternoon. She is due back in court April 15.

Asencio might be in a bit more hot water than his singer companion. Police say he was driving without a license.

Photo: AP Photo
Attending the 2009 Teen Choice Awards in Universal City, California.

But for Glendale police officers, it was just another yawner in Southern California.

“You see this day in and day out,’ Glendale police Sgt. Tom Lorenz said. “I certainly hope that drugs are not a part of her life, because drugs, quicker than anything else, will destroy a person’s career, their family and their life. I hope there’s an awakening if she’s not culpable for those drugs.”

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