Fogel Calms Fans Going Gaga

Without actually spelling out the fact that it tends to cost more to see big productions in an arena than it does to see smaller acts in smaller venues, Live Nation chairman of global touring Arthur Fogel looks to have calmed Lady Gaga fans who were moaning about a ticket price hike.

The fans were “furious,” according to The Sun, after being charged between £27.50 and £35 to see the Monster Ball tour that’s just ended in the UK and then being asked to fork out £50 to £75 to see the Little Monster dates starting in May.

A lot has happened to Gaga since the first tour was booked, including winning three Brit awards, and the next tour is reported to be a stunning production worthy of putting before arena audiences. Since Fogel explained that, the stories have dried up.

“Ticket prices for the previous dates were set long before the current Monster Ball show was developed,” he told BBC News, pointing out the prices are “comparable and fair” alongside what other acts on the same circuit are charging.

“What was a small arena and theatre production is now a massive, first rate arena production,” he explained.