Doom ‘Impostors’ Part Of The Act?

Disgruntled Doom fans, listen up. Those masked “impostors” you’ve been complaining about seeing after paying good money to see the real deal are just part of the act. Get it?

At least that’s what Doom’s road manager, and the masked one himself, reportedly told

Doom’s road manager reportedly told the publication the subs are part of the rapper’s mystique, so to speak.

“This is Doom’s loophole,” the manager was quoted as saying. “They’ve been doing this. It’s all intentional. I’m like, ‘I’m all for art but there’s a better way to do this. What you’re doing is bordering on fraud.’ We always say Doom’s coming. But the perception, that’s what I’m talking about.” also quoted the rapper from a previous interview, saying he sees himself as a “writer and director,” who puts different “characters” wherever he wants in his shows.

“Any cats that are coming to see me as a physical person, I can switch the [actor] any time. I’m not gonna play the part of that character every time.

“So when you come to a Doom show, I’m letting all the cats know, come to hear the show and come to hear the music. To see me? Ya’ll don’t even know who I am! Technology makes it possible for me to still do music and not have to be any particular place. I’m using all that.”

Somehow the fans in Chicago, Toronto, Atlanta, San Francisco and Los Angeles who paid about $30-$40 a ticket must not have gotten the memo.