Jaywalker Busted

Koichi Nakamura, the lead singer for the veteran rock group Jaywalk, was busted for drugs in the wee hours of March 3 in Tokyo.

Police found a “very small amount” of “stimulant drugs” in his possession as he sat in his parked car in the high-rent Azabu district. Later, searching the singer’s home, police also found marijuana, cocaine and drug paraphernalia. Nakamura, who is 59, was prosecuted in 2007 for having an army knife in his car in violation of a weapons controls statute.

Consequently, his band’s busy tour has been canceled. Jaywalk made its debut in 1981 but didn’t have a big hit until 1991 with the single “Nani mo Ienai, Natsu,” which sold 18 million copies.

The band has been quite popular ever since and just released a new single last month.