James Brown’s Body

One of James Brown’s daughters recently claimed that the singer’s body disappeared. It turns out his body is exactly where it should be – in a two-tier mausoleum in the Aiken County, S.C., front yard belonging to another of his daughters.

The Godfather of Soul was buried in the mausoleum after he died on Christmas Day 2006 at age 73.

LaRhonda Pettit, 48, told the U.K.’s Daily Mail that Brown’s body had gone missing.

“My daddy’s body has disappeared. I have no clue where it was taken, but I need to know where,” Pettit told the tabloid. “I’m convinced his death was suspicious and I want the people responsible brought to justice. The only way to do that is to exhume his body and have an autopsy. I cannot understand why one was never conducted.”

The Daily Mail noted that Pettit was one of 12 people who claimed to be Brown’s illegitimate children posthumously. She took a DNA test in 2007 to prove that she was indeed the singer’s daughter. According to the Guardian, Pettit was not included in Brown’s will and didn’t receive a part of his estate. She was one of several children born outside of the singer’s four marriages.

Charlie Reid, director of C.A. Reid Funeral Home, told the Augusta Chronicle that Pettit’s claims aboutt he body are just a bunch of baloney.

“There’s no truth to that,” said Reid, who handled the memorial services for the singer. “It would have had to have gone through us. We would have been contacted if that happened.”

Reid added that Brown’s family hasn’t notified authorities about a missing body.

“This would be a criminal offense. If this was the case, she would need to talk to police,” Reid said. He explained that the family would need a permit if they actually wanted to move Brown’s remains.