Gackt Addresses ‘Herbivore’ Issue

Gackt, one of Japan’s biggest “visual-kei” stars, has pulled a startling, image-oriented about-face with a special concert he performed at a club outside Tokyo March 21.

Gackt’s concert at Kawasaki Club Citta was a male-only affair, meaning that not only was admission restricted to men, but that no female staff were admitted into the building during the show.

The singer’s purpose is to make a point about the feminization of young Japanese men that has been a hot topic in the media for the last year.

Non-aggressive young Japanese males, referred to as “herbivores,” are seen as being passive both sexually and socially, which some commentators claim makes them traditionally closer to women in terms of public attitudes.

Gackt means to help reverse this trend.

“There’s no good in men having a weak spirit, especially for women, so I am going to rally them,” he told a reporter.

To ensure the no-female rules were enforced, a special “investigation room” was set up to screen everyone who entered the show, though no reports have yet come to light as to exactly what the screening entailed.

“Visual kei,” though ostensibly a metal-based style, is mainly characterized by a very feminine fashion sense.

Gackt, who is also a popular television personality, regularly appears in makeup and androgynous clothing.

At the concert, however, he wore cargo pants and a flannel shirt.