Concert Scams Halted

Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert, Dave Matthews Band and others were recently used in concert scams in West Virginia and Missoula, Mont.

A Martinsburg, W.Va., man reportedly trying to launch a hair care line got busted for advertising that the event would include a concert by Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert.

The jig was up when both stars’ management got wind of the bogus ads and issued statements saying neither artist was ever scheduled to appear, according to TMZ.

Tickets for the fictitious April concert were reportedly priced between $100 and $200.

In Missoula, a May 1 free concert including DMB, Michael Franti and Slightly Stoopid reportedly being promoted via Twitter, fliers and a press release March 19 nearly got by except for one big detail, according to the Missoulian.

Neither the mayor, city police or the governor – who was allegedly listed as a speaker for the bogus event – had been contacted, the paper said.

The press release for the concert, allegedly sponsored by two local businesses that had recently closed, also claimed a $5,000 cash prize would be given away among other perks, the paper said.

Meanwhile, industry reps for Franti and DMB told the Missoulian via e-mail the concert was just an elaborate hoax.

Officials were reportedly trying to determine a motive for the ruse, the paper said.