Front Line Sues Axl

Developing: The split between Irving Azoff and Axl Rose has turned acrimonious. Rose, who made a recent shift to Doc McGhee’s management company, allegedly still has some financial obligations to honor.

Azoff’s Front Line Management filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles March 25 claiming Rose owes the company nearly $2 million in unpaid commissions for overseas performances. Rose, as the frontman for Guns N’ Roses, earned $12 million on the shows, and Front Line is owed 15 percent, or $1.9 million.

Representatives for Front Line and McGhee Entertainment were not immediately available. However, sources have told Pollstar from time to time that the relationship between Rose and Front Line was difficult, with “lack of communication” the operative words.  That being said, the team at Front Line is widely credited as playing a key role in the launch of Chinese Democracy.  Guns N’ Roses made an official shift to McGhee about a month ago, although, like many business relationships, there was a long courtship.