Maria Cartagena pleaded not guilty to charges of attempted murder, criminal possession of a weapon and assault March 24. She is being held on $25,000 bail.

The New York Daily News reports that Iraida Palmieri, age 73, was inside an elevator in the condo on the evening of March 24 when it stopped on the fourth floor. It was at that moment the elevator doors opened and Palmieri found herself facing Cartagena, who reportedly shouted, “Move over or I’m going to kill you.” She then pulled a gun from a fanny pack and fired one shot, grazing Palmieri’s head.

Cartagena told police she felt threatened by Palmieri.

“I was walking out and saw her standing in between the elevator doors. She said she was there for problems and had scissors,” Cartagena told detectives.

“I ran inside, got the gun and came out. I told her to leave and pointed the gun at her. She wouldn’t leave, so I shot her. Then she left.”

Evidently there’s something of a history between Cartagena, her husband and the Palmieris. The couples have been reportedly feuding over noise with both sides filing complaints against the other. Although Cartagena’s attorney said he couldn’t comment on the case, that didn’t stop Cartagena’s husband – Rafael Cartagena – from telling the Daily News that Palmieri’s wife had threatened them.

“[Iraida Palmieri] told my wife that if we didn’t move out, they were going to send us to the Dominican in boxes, meaning they were going to kill us,” the husband told the newspaper, claming the feud was caused, in part, because the Palmieris are white while he and his wife are Dominican.

How’s Iraida Palmieri holding up? That is, after being treated at a local hospital and then released? Her daughter Gabriela told the Daily News that her mother was “doing well and she’s with her family resting.”

Meanwhile, Eddie Palmieri issued a statement asking that his family’s privacy be respected.

“This is a very difficult time for my family,” he said in the statement. “Right now, I am focused on one thing: the well-being and safety of my family. That is all there is to say at the moment. Please respect our privacy.”

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