X Japan Comeback Remains Bumpy

X Japan’s drummer/leader Yoshiki sued management company Nexstar Corporation for 375 million yen ($4 million) in Tokyo District Court March 10.

More than two years ago when the group reunited, it entered into a contract with Nexstar that would pay the band 600 million yen in advance royalties and contract money.

Nexstar would also sponsor the band’s expensive concerts and handle merchandise sales at the shows.

However, so far, Nexstar has allegedly paid the band nothing.

Media reports are saying that the company owes X Japan about 900 million yen ($9.9 million) from ticket revenues and unpaid contractual fees and royalties.

Nexstar is the same company that another Japanese hard rock band, Glay, whose style is similar to X Japan’s. Glay sued the company in 2005 for pretty much the same reasons.

That case is still in the courts, and reportedly its unresolved status is what prompted Yoshiki to file.