KISS: Clouds In Their Coffee

A KISS CoffeeHouse is set to open New Year’s Eve in Melbourne.

Steve Agi, who calls himself a “highly caffeinated coffee entrepreneur,” says he’s been in talks with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley for a year.

Agi says he’s found a vacant space that housed a café called the Tea House next to the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. He plans to spend $1.5 million ($1.37 million U.S.) to refurbish it, including filling it with KISS memorabilia.

But it’s going to cost $5 million ($4.5 million U.S.) to cover all costs, including that of licensing the brand. Agi has therefore called out for investors. He claims a first year return of between 5 percent to 10 percent, and that a $250,000 ($229,000 U.S.) investment will “double after 12 months.” He assures investors risk of failure “at ZERO.”

The Sydney Morning Herald warned that these claims are “not backed up by financial estimates, costings or an independent report.”

Agi says that investors will be given automatic membership to the KISS Army, can meet the band, help with the shop’s design and attend its opening and get rare KISS memorabilia signed personally to them.

Photo: Bobby Talamine /
United Center, Chicago, Ill.

The original KISS CoffeeHouse in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, opened mid-2006.

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