Alabama Bingo Dispute Not Over

Alabama Gov. Bob Riley’s campaign against alleged illegal electronic bingo has yet to be settled, with new allegations that Riley accepted money from an Indian gaming lobbyist.

Lobbyist Steve Wisdom, who represents the Poarch Indians’ stake in Azalea City Racing Club, reportedly claims he was asked to donate $10,000 to the governor’s political action committee – the task force attempting to eliminate electronic bingo machines in private casinos like Country Crossing in Dothan – but he wasn’t told for what the governor would use the money.

Country Crossing spokesman Jay Walker said state officials “have clearly crossed the line of public trust and at the very least blurred the line of legal limits of his office.”

“He represents several organizations,” Riley spokesman Jeff Emerson said. “If anyone has the idea the governor is doing anything to help any gambling interests, well that’s just ridiculous. He’s always opposed gambling,” Emerson said.

Attempts by state anti-gambling task force raids to confiscate Country Crossing’s electronic bingo machines led complex officials to voluntarily shut its doors Jan. 29, putting hundreds out of work.