Live Nation Files Against Freedom Hill

Live Nation has filed its suit against Freedom Hill Amphitheatre in Sterling Heights, Mich., claiming it is owed $320,000 for five shows it promoted at the shed last year.

Live Nation is suing facility owner/operator Hillside Productions, claiming breach of contract, fraud, conversion and unjust enrichment. The suit claims Hillside wrongly “confiscated and converted” LN’s money, according to the Detroit News.

The suit also claims Hillside has proposed to make it up to Live Nation by having the promotion company do 10 shows this season, but Freedom Hill has put the season on hold.

“We’re befuddled by all of this,” Hillside spokesman Hank Riberas told Pollstar. “The filing in county circuit court, and then the removal of it and taking of it to federal court, is really a mystery to us. We don’t know what the logic is in that. But we haven’t seen the filing yet. The first we’ve heard of it was through the reporter from the News. So here we are, somewhat in the dark.”

Riberas said the situation appears to involve Hillside requesting reconciliation statements and not receiving them.

“So why it came to this, we’re at a loss.”

Freedom Hill is in court, battling its landlord, Macomb County. Until there is a federal court decision, the amphitheatre has suspended its season, Riberas said.