Fixing A Hole

A leaky roof on the five-year-old Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, N.C., will cost the city $500,000 to replace the original membrane, an option it prefers to merely having the manufacturer continue to patch until the warranty runs out.

City staff recommended the replacement, which will come out of the original budget for the venue. With the replacement membrane will come a new 15-year warranty, according to the Charlotte Observer.

The roof has reportedly had numerous leaks in the last 18 months that were blamed on a poor membrane installed by Dow Industries during construction of the TWC Arena, which is home to the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats.

Assistant City Manager Jim Schumacher told the paper the agreement is a “win-win.”

“If we weren’t extending the life of the roof for five years, this wouldn’t make sense,” Schumacher said. “We really are getting ahead of that game, and eliminating the leak risk.”

The Bobcats have a long-term contract from the city to operate the arena. Repair work will begin at the conclusion of the NBA playoffs.