KISS Gets On The Stick

KISS fans checking out the band on its upcoming Euro tour will be able to take the show with them at evening’s end as the band announces recordings of every concert will be available on USB memory sticks.

Along with the sticks, KISS will sell MP3 downloads of every show.

Photo: AP Photo
"Wetten Dass" game show, Erfurt, Germany

Think of it as KISS-to-go, with every 2 ½ hour show will be available at concession stands immediately following that final encore. Fans can also pre-order the sticks and MP3s in advance via

But it doesn’t stop with single shows on USB sticks. KISS will offer a “Collector’s Gold Edition” memory stick, enabling fans to purchase additional shows, including pre-ordering extra recordings. Just insert the Gold Edition stick in a computer’s USB connection and download the concerts after the shows take place.

The USB stick and MP3 concert downloads come from Music Networx, which specializes in live recordings and creating new ways to market and distribute live music.

KISS begins its Euro tour in the United Kingdom, playing Sheffield May 1. Other stops include Dublin (May 7), Zurich (May 16), Prague (May 23) and Oslo (June 14).

For more information on how you can get KISS on a stick, click here for the band’s website, here for and here for Music Networx.